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Currency exchange FOREX

Forex is an abbreviation of "Foreign Currency Exchange" is also known as the currency market, as there is explained is a market where forex trading.Resultado de imagen para cambio de divisas
Forex is an industry formed expressly for the privileged who understand it. The goal for new traders should be to survive long enough to understand the inner workings of the forex market and to become one of those privileged. This is the largest and most liquid market in the world, with a daily volume of operations exceeding four trillion dollars. The emotional part must be left aside, mechanisms must be learned so that they do not interfere in operations. How does it work? It works by investing in currencies or, rather, by buying currencies (currencies) at the same time that another is sold, through a broker, and most times they are negotiated in pairs. To be successful in Forex it is important to look at the quotes of currencies, as it will be the reflection of the economy of our country. Unlike other financial markets forex does not have a physical office, nor a stock exchange that centralises operations. These are carried out in the interbank market 24 hours a day, through an electronic network that connects individuals, companies and banks through different time zones.  Coins The currencies that are traded in forex are the following: USD: US Dollar EUR: Euro JPY: Yen GBP: Pound Sterling CHF: Swiss Franc NZD: New Zealand Dollar CAD: Canadian Dollar AUD: Australian Dollar

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