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Algorithmic trading

Development of technical indicators and trading robots

Algorithmic trading (automated trading) is one of the strengths of MetaTrader 4, which allows you to create, test and use expert advisors and technical indicators in an autonomous way. Help eliminate any limit in the analytical and commercial capabilities of the platform

En MetaTrader 4 es posible crear de forma autónoma robots comerciales e indicadores técnicos, y también descargarlos, comprarlos o encargarlos

Own development environment MQL4 IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which allows you to create trade experts has been incorporated directly in platform (commercial robots, Expert Advisors) and technical indicators of practically any complexity. Its core is MQL4, a development language of trading strategies oriented to objects that is distinguished by its high productivity, flexibility and functionality.

The MetaEditor own editor is designed for developing business strategies in MQL4 language and is equipped with a debugger. The compilation also takes place here. After it, the application automatically enters MetaTrader 4, where you can be tested and optimized strategies Simulator: other MQL4 IDE component. And finally, we have the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is the last component of your environment and is responsible for running business applications.

This way, MetaTrader 4 your indicator will take care to analyze markets, and the Advisor is devoted to trade. But this is not all, the ready product can also be

publish free Code Base for millions of traders have the possibility of desacargarlo
publish as a product on the market and earn money
send to a client through the freelance service and receive a bonus for the accomplished work

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